Working Together

by Inspia Connections

The vision of Inspia Connections is to see everyone working together in harmony. So what does that mean and what does that look like?

We believe that it is possible to see and have everyone working together for the common good of everyone. In churches, schools, homes, and businesses (the places most people frequent often) people are for the most part failing to work together for the common good of everyone. Not every organization is failing at this but a large majority are. The reason many may be failing is because individuals are looking out for their own interest instead of the interest of others. 

We really connect with the book of Acts in the Bible where it talks about the disciples and how the people had all things common and gave so that no man had lack within their community. You can read this in Acts 2:44-47. 

We’ve all heard it said or you’ll hear it now for the first time, “teamwork makes the dream work”. This saying is so true. Working together, teamwork, collaboration, and group projects all have been cited as being beneficial to the overall productivity, morale, and longevity of targeted outcomes. 

The not so easy part sometimes is working together in “harmony”. In order to achieve this, people must be willing to abandon selfishness and always act in love. 

Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and they dwell therein.” We believe that to be true therefore, we endeavor to see people working together in harmony, selflessly and always with love. 

Take Away: We inspire people to act selflessly and always with love. 

Vision: To see everyone working together in harmony.


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