Sheep or Goat?

by Darryl

I’m just going to get straight into what I’ve been thinking for some time now. It stemmed from a Sunday school class that I was in somewhere between the ages of 16-17. The title was called “Gideon, Reluctant but Obedient”. Like many of today’s Christians, I can relate to some of the biblical figures in the Bible. It can be via similar circumstances with the main one being persecution. Back then, Christians were physically killed versus today, a Christian’s reputation or morale may be killed. This is not to say that physical harm no longer happens. It may just not be as common. Either way, we still need to remain prayerful for ourselves and each other. Take Away: We can stop here for now but in the mean time we can ask ourselves when have we been reluctant to obeying God’s word? What scripture was it? According to Matthew, Christ touched on the separation of the sheep and the goats. One side asked when were they disobedient and the other side asked when were they obedient.

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6 thoughts on “Sheep or Goat?

  1. There are times when I give to others freely. I also had times when I felt bad about not doing anything to help when prompted by the Spirit. So I must do much better and repent. Cool word that is much needed.

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  2. It’s not always easy to do what we are called to do because we don’t want to do it. Being real! However, obedience is better than sacrifice right?


  3. Wow!! I really needed to hear this. So many times saying things because it’s what everyone else is saying can have serious consequences. Knowledge is powerful. Am I goat or sheep? Praise God I am one that hears my God’s voice striving to always obey!
    Awesome Blog!!

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