Owner’s Manual

by Maurice

Question: Did God give us an owner’s manual?

Answer: Yes. So…

It is the Bible. How many people read and study it for their life? That is the same issue faced today with automobiles. Our cars, trucks and SUVs come with an owner’s manual that remains in the glove box until there is an issue with the vehicle. We can’t figure out how to set the clock. Does that sound familiar? God has provided us with the owner’s manual for our life, which is the bible, but most of us don’t read it, let alone understand it. The same way we set the clock, we leave it alone until the time changes again. So how do we expect to fix our lives when something is wrong? Our lives won’t change until we read, understand and obey what is written in God’s owner’s manual.

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4 thoughts on “Owner’s Manual

  1. The Bible is our instruction manual on how to live life. The Bible will lead us into a completely fulfilling relationship with King Jesus if we let it!


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