Held Back

by Darryl

This post is a follow-up to my first post, which you can read here. So what holds us back from following God?

What’s holding me back?

Does fear of following God hold us back? Fear of letting go of what WE want and possibly forsaking it in favor of what God wants? Fear of man? Meaning losing family, friends, worldly prestige. Is there fear of God just leaving us to fall even though we may have come to Christ?

I have heard how God is sovereign and also that He can do as He pleases so what’s to stop Him? What’s to stop Him from not saving a loved one after many prayers have been asked of Him to deliver THE message that would cause the person to come or come back to Christ?

This topic may be milk for some folks and it could be meat for others. If you have any scriptural references for those questions please do so with scripture and by all means, do so in love. I can start off by giving one scriptural reference. Psalms 37:25. God bless you.

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3 thoughts on “Held Back

  1. Gen. 1:16-17 helps me to understand that God gives each person a choice to obey or not. God will not go against a person’s will. I believe John 3:16 shows this best “whosoever believes”. Awesome !

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  2. Thank you for sharing your heart as you’re working through reluctance but moving forward in obedience. The struggle will not consume you nor last forever in Jesus name. We all must make a decision, to follow Christ or not to follow Christ. I believe by faith that Jesus is the answer. Here’s a scripture: Matthew 16:24-26


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