Delight in Him

by Darryl

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It’s imperative that we continue to ask God for strength and say not my will but your will be done. We will suffer but we are told to suffer as a Christian. We are told to count it all joy. For me personally, it has been hard. However, I can remember a few short years ago that I worked for someone who pretty much tried to use Christianity in a manipulative manner against me. “This is God’s work right here” . All I can say is that a tree is known by it’s fruit. So I changed my attitude by trying to delight myself in the Lord, Bible scripts at the end of my emails such as “What you meant for evil, God meant for good”, I’d listen to gospel music on the way there and lastly, I started helping at the church food pantry during the week. September 2015 came and my lovely wife and I seen a harvest. When I quoted Joseph on that email, it didn’t matter if that supervisor knew or not if I was referring to him. But it does matter if we know the Savior while we’re here and when we give an account one day. God’s TRUE work can be found in His word. I will write more on this next time. I hope to see you then.

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