by Maurice

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How does the master mechanic retain the knowledge to repair vehicles with few or no come backs? I believe by relying on the proper diagnoses he is able to determine the best choice to correct the issue(s) with the vehicle. Of course, in life it’s the same way. We go to God’s word when faced with issues that need correcting. Then if we are honest and obedient to what the word says it brings deliverance into our lives. Although a vehicle is fixed correctly it doesn’t mean that it cannot return with that same issue. There maybe other issues that may cause the same problem. Yet, it is the master mechanic’s intention to resolve the root cause of the issue. May we always allow the Word of God to deal with the root cause(s) in our lives which will deliver and mature us.

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2 thoughts on “Diagnostics

  1. Thank you for sharing! Why doesn’t the master mechanic fix everything that could be at the root of the problem all at once? Wouldn’t that eliminate the need for a comeback service?

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    1. On vehicles, root causes may not show up originally if he doesn’t have the proper information to diagnose the issue. In life you must be open and honest inorderto allow God to get to your root causes in your life and it may not be corrected immediately. Be cause of His timing.


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