Master Mechanic

by Maurice God is the greatest master mechanic. None can compare to Him. His knowledge is infinite, which means our way of operating will not be pleasing unless it is according to His manual. When we attempt to troubleshoot anything, especially our lives, let us consult the Word of God which will reveal all ofContinue reading “Master Mechanic”

Unlimited Resources

by Lashondra Where can you go and access unlimited resources? Is that a thing? Is it possible to have access to unlimited resources? Yes! God is our UNLimited Resource. UNLimited Resources exist! When we are in Christ we experience no lack. The Bible says, “The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seekContinue reading “Unlimited Resources”

How the Kingdom Works

by Angela Can I really know how God’s Kingdom operates? The answer is YES!! In order to live a victorious life in EVERY AREA, I first have to learn God’s Kingdom!! So let’s stop perishing for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), and learn, by listening to this clip from Gary and Drenda Keesee on YourContinue reading “How the Kingdom Works”

Owner’s Manual

by Maurice Question: Did God give us an owner’s manual? Answer: Yes. So… It is the Bible. How many people read and study it for their life? That is the same issue faced today with automobiles. Our cars, trucks and SUVs come with an owner’s manual that remains in the glove box until there isContinue reading “Owner’s Manual”

Sheep or Goat?

by Darryl I’m just going to get straight into what I’ve been thinking for some time now. It stemmed from a Sunday school class that I was in somewhere between the ages of 16-17. The title was called “Gideon, Reluctant but Obedient”. Like many of today’s Christians, I can relate to some of the biblicalContinue reading “Sheep or Goat?”